A Gourmet Taco Party

From $60/head

Everyone loves a good DIY taco bar. This menu is a perfect excuse to gather some friends and enjoy fuss-free dining. A fun combination of authentic Mexican flavors and some more adventurous takes on the traditional taco, this is a real crowd-pleaser.

To drink

Classic reposado margaritas on the rocks (add $10 per person)

To start

Homemade guacamole + tortilla chips


Red snapper ceviche with jalapeño, fresh lime and cilantro (add $5 per person)

The pork

Slow-cooked carnitas served on a yellow corn tortilla with fresh pico de gallo

The tuna

Seared ahi tuna on a flour tortilla with crunchy carrot and cabbage sesame slaw and wasabi crema

On the side

Mexican street corn


Black bean chili

For dessert

Chocolate profiteroles with cinnamon ice cream


Homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches